Monetize Your Flow State Coaching Practice the Easy Way with FlowCode

I know lots of coaches who are doing excellent work and getting outstanding results for their clients. The trouble is, many of them find the marketing aspect of running a coaching business a real headache. If you are one of them, I’ve got great news. With the support of the team at the Flow Coaching Academy and all the excellent resourcesf for flow state training, they’ve made available, you too can monetize your flow state coaching practice. All you need to do is follow their lead and publish the marketing material they have already created. This is a true turn-key marketing solution.

I Love Flow State Coaching, But I Hate Doing Promotions!

You’re not alone if you feel like that. I did too, but ever since I trained with the FlowCode Academy, my marketing is – true to form – flowing much better. Thanks to the stellar FlowCode marketing resources that I now have at my fingertips, I don’t have to wreck my head trying to come up with a marketing strategy any longer.

Inside the FlowHub Pro, you find ready-made everything for flow state training. From business cards to fliers, to webinar programs, visuals, social media posts, and anything else you could possibly think of, you’ve got all the resources you need ready and available.

What’s more, during free marketing webinars, someone from the FCA will teach you how and when to use the marketing resources. You too can quite easily monetize your coaching practice with the help of FlowCode.

FlowCode - Flow state training / Coaching tools
FlowCode – Flow state training / Coaching tools

How to Monetize Your Coaching Practice with FlowCode

There are two distinct ways in which FlowCode helps you monetize your coaching practice. For one, you have an abundance of marketing materials available to help you get more clients, plus, you can earn a passive income through the FlowHub7 app.

You can incorporate flow into your existing coaching business or start from scratch, both options will help you grow your sales.

When it comes to the passive income stream, the FCA has made a very generous affiliate program available for flow coaches. Every time one of the clients you referred pays the monthly FlowHub7 App fee, you get a share. If you already run a coaching business, invite your clients to download the app. You can then send them triggers and build a tailor-made flow program for each client. This is a win-win for both, yourself and your clients. Aside from earning you an extra income, your clients get a wealth of flow resources and triggers.

Marketing Made Easy with the FlowHubPro

The team at the Flow Coaching Academy have invested a lot of time in putting together marketing materials and helping you to build a thriving coaching business. Gone is the worry of ‘how to promote and get more clients’. Not only that but you’ve got ready made fliers, business cards, webinar programs, and coaching packages inside the FlowHubPro. Plus, you can attend free marketing seminars to learn even more.

Book a Discovery Call Now

If you’d like to find out how the FlowCode can be the answer to all your marketing woes, book a call with someone from the Flow Coaching Academy.

You can also have a chat with me to find out how I have incorporated flow coaching and the excellent resources into my coaching practice and learned how to drive more sales.

Anita Alig is an Integrated Energy Therapist, NLP, Meditation, and Flow Coach. She works with groups and individuals focusing on helping clients to reduce stress, find their flow, and uncover their true essence.