Online or on-site coaching? / Learn about flow state training options


It’s definitely becoming more and more apparent that online coaching is almost a must for every coach out there. It’s simply more manageable, more accessible, and requires minor organization. Plus, there are no costs with space rental, commutes, etc.

Having said that, social flow is not to be underestimated. Some things can just not be felt online in the same way as in-person. In that regard, sessions, workshops, and on-site retreats are definitely a keeper. 

There is a thing: You don’t have to go one way or the other. 

Recycle, use different formats, add layers to your offer and make it adaptable.

The online format is excellent for regular group coaching and membership coaching as you can keep it short and sweet. You can make shorter sessions more times per week to keep your clients constantly under the charm of your coaching.

Flow state training Onsite & online
Flow state training Onsite & online

To summarize the benefits of online coaching:

  • Clients can be more relaxed while practicing from the comfort of their own homes.
  • It’s easier for clients to decide on joining your coaching sessions as they can do it from the comfort of their own 
  • You don’t have any costs with renting a venue, office for sessions
  • Clients don’t lose time with the commute
  • You can attract an extensive, international clientele
  • You have tones of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Less tiresome for you

In addition to Flow theory, we curated over 700 flow techniques in the form of short and simple-to-follow videos in one portal – a handy coaching tool that helps you teach your clients how to crack their code greatness in a new friendly way.

Utilization of Flow techniques in this kind of form in the online setting is super easy for you and your clients. We are trying to show people that flow is a practice, something you slowly ritualize and internalize; you live it. As it’s a matter of constant practice and repetition, short online sessions can be a great thing. This style goes well also with membership coaching. More about it in this article.

And then, upselling live sessions and workshops are easy because people wish to meet and practice in person. In this way, you build your database of trustful clients via online sessions, and you then offer your on-site formats where you can also count on clients being willing to cover higher fees.

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