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Hosted by Mike J. Rosenfeld and David Florence
Brought to you by the Flow Global Initiative

About the podcast

Mike J Rosenfeld and Dave Florence are FlowCode Coaches, Ambassadors and Experts. We launched this Podcast with the intention of spreading awareness about the importance of flow for our lives, showing people how to find it also in difficult situations, how to train it and live a flow lifestyle.

This podcast speaks to those that are looking to take their life to the next level, live in harmony, peace and experience their best. It is also for those that are looking to get out of their head, end anxiety and depression and access their unique brilliance.

Mike and Dave as renowned experts from the field and key members of the Flow Global Initiative, have this unique ability to pull out the science yet couple it with a lot of humor, a lot of practicality and joy. They are inquisitive and growth minded, always seeking new angles to present the magic of the flow and with intriguing guests sharing their views on the topic, they will take you on the fascinating journey of finding flow and beauty, mastering the art of stress management, unlocking your brilliance and finding your code to greatness.

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David Florence


It took me a bang to the head, to change how I interacted with and moved through the world.

This bang acted as a catalyst for change and kick started a search for better psychological and physiological health.

After a number of years of research and practice, much of which chronicled in my YouTube channel – ‘Evolution of Dave’, I have now established a series of practices and protocols that have significantly improved my mind and body.

My continued research has led to qualifications in : Breathwork (SOMA Breath Instructor) / FlowCode (FlowCode Coach & Ambassador) / NLP (Diploma) / Clinical Hypnotherapy (Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Mike J. Rosenfeld

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I am a Peak Performance Coach, Flow State Expert, Breathwork Therapist and founder of TRUE Performance. I work with world champion athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s and elite teams of all kinds. I provide the tools essential to achieve success. My work has been featured on NBC, ABC, Oprah Radio, and a number of other media publications. 

I incorporate research-based best practices in neuroscience, optimized vitality, applied positive psychology, flow state research and multiple breathwork modalities. Clients call me their “secret weapon” due to my ability to help them access previously untapped sources of power, flow, and performance.

I am also the founder of Youth Expressions (YE) a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire at-risk youth. 

Let’s be in touch!

Let’s be in touch!

About Flow Global Initiative

We are a team of international experts on psychology, kinesiology & flow state as well as many other areas of expertise. We gathered forces to create a revolutionary system, the FlowCode, a system of simplified principles, rules & interventions that are proven to trigger and sustain the state of flow.

Through all this hard work we’ve grown to be a vibrant, international community of FlowCode Coaches, Ambassadors, Mentors, Education experts, researchers, speakers and simply just flow people.

We stand for the creation of a new paradigm that puts the flow state at the center of human striving. By many definitions, the flow state is the most optimal state anyone can achieve, it is a state where we tap into our superhuman potential, allowing us to respond to reality in the most efficient way, while achieving perfect fluidity in every situation. In short, we are on a mission to help people feel fulfillment and happiness in their lives and be at their ultimate best… and research shows that can only be achieved if we are in the flow.

There’s no better time in history than right now, to live your passion and share your gifts with the world. Now is your opportunity to play a higher role, serve a higher purpose by becoming a part of an exciting movement with a mission to bring flow to every part of society and create a flow culture that would propel us forward as individuals and as a human race.


Exclusive giveaway!

Receive the FlowCode® Fundamentals eBook, with free lessons & flow triggers!



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