Flow State Training & The Power of the Seven Mindsets

Learn more about flow state training with FlowCode Coaching Academy.
Learn more about flow state training with FlowCode Coaching Academy.

Have you heard of the seven mindsets and the role they play in the flow state training process? They are actually powerful and positive mindsets that when implemented and integrated into your life can have profound impacts. Before getting into the benefits of inviting these mindsets into your life. Let me share first the seven mindsets in the flow state training process.

Awe Mindset~ This mindset provides the basic energy to sustain the state of flow by triggering an initial zest for life. The very idea that we exist at all, that we are aware should fascinate us.

Creator Mindset~ This mindset empowers us to the notion that we are creators of our lives, our lives matter depending on what meaning we assign to them.

Gratitude Mindset~ This mindset is an ultimate tool for creating value to any experience. Gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, it is more like a deeper appreciation for someone or something. It puts a situation into perspective ~ a self-correcting code, crucial for alignment.

Growth Mindset~ Scientists are conclusive in their research, that progress equals happiness. We need to feel we are growing in order to feel alive. Growth mindset is based on the notion that our basic equalities are things we can cultivate through our efforts. This mindset influences our mind to stretch ourselves in an effort and enjoy doing it.

Observer Mindset~ This mindset is described as the perception that arises from focused attention on observing breathing, emotions and thoughts.

Playful Mindset~ This mindset is where we approach everything with a playfulness which in turn creates a feeling of trust and creativity, being at peace with the environment and oneself. With the playful mindset we are immersed in reality in a way that contributes constructively to the beauty of life, we sense the true power of being alive.

Transpersonal Mindset~ This is the mindset that we experience that we are not separate from anyone or anything. That we are connected to all that does exist and we experience true fluidity and dissolution of anything outside of us.

With the use of triggers utilized within the “FlowCode system” / Flow state training, we can implement them into a daily routine that can assist us to “Reset, Renew and Recharge” our Body, Mind and Soul. Once you create a powerful and new routine you can begin your journey to create a “Flow Personality” which establishes an internal machinery of fulfillment and joy. A person with a Flow Personality can also be described as a person who is persistent, curious, low self-centred, open to experience and challenges and always remaining positive, internally driven and selfless.

Also you may experience such as less anxiety, less stress, less episodes of depression, increased and boosted immunity, a better overall mental and physical health and well-being, be a more creative and productive person. There are infinite possibilities to the positive benefits one can enjoy and infuse into their life by practicing methods that we lay out within the program.

Now the answer to “How To” Implement and Integrate The Power of the 7 Mindsets Into Your Life”

~Create a daily routine that consists of the 7 mindsets with a Flow Code Ritual.

~Practice the guided triggers that have been set out in the Flow Code Map.

~BE consistent…it takes time to create a Flow Personality.

~Keep on learning and exploring more about these concepts.

~Start today. Find a FlowCode Coach here

~Learn about the Flowhub 7 to help support you on your journey.

~Invest in yourself and deepen your experience.

Are you ready to open up and deepen your experience? We are in a new world and we required even more powerful ways to enhance our lives.

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As always it has been my pleasure assisting you on your journey. My greatest advice is not to hesitate. Begin today.

Much love and light always,


FlowCode Mentor and Wellness Expert


Learn more about flow state training with FlowCode Coaching Academy.


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