FlowCoach Course - Premium package

798,00  VAT excl.

Get access to all FlowCode education materials, get FlowCoach® lifetime certification & lifetime Flowhub® Pro / FlowHub® 7 access, license and membership

  • Access to all FlowCode education materials
  • FlowCoach® lifetime certification
  • Lifetime Flowhub access, license and membership
  • Introduction to FlowCoach® theory & practice
  • Theoretical walk through with FlowCode & FlowCoach manual and 43 video lessons
  • Introduction to the flow state, science behind the flow state
  • Building a flow personality
  • Optimal flow setup (requirements for optimal flow)
  • Flow trigger channels
  • Coaching method, sessions, programs
  • Flow Workshop explained with all supported materials and presentations
  • FlowHub explained
  • FlowHub triggers and coach’s programs
  • Business solutions & marketing plan



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