The Benefits of Group Flow State Coaching for Your Clients

Regardless of whether you are an experienced flow coach or only starting out, offering group flow state coaching sessions makes a lot of sense. Not only do you spend less time helping more clients, but you also scale your coaching business without having to work 24/7. Most of you care deeply about your client experience and in this context, I’d like to discuss the benefits of group coaching for clients. You will soon discover, they are plentiful.


If you are a flow coach, you are already familiar with the importance of a unity mindset to optimize flow. The same applies to group coaching. Clients develop a deep sense of unity while partaking in the group coaching experience. Shared visions and goals copperfasten the flow mindset thus further enhancing your client’s individual flow as well as the flow within your group.

Group Accountability

Group accountability is also among the benefits of group coaching for clients. As the group coaching journey continues, your clients will hold each other accountable for the actions you have presented. In some ways, the overarching herd mentality will ensure that each client remains committed and progresses. If a member of your coaching group is experiencing difficulties, they can raise them within the group and members can provide support and encouragement.


As you know from the science of flow, we are wired to collaborate. Studies have shown similar results when it comes to motivation. According to Psychology Today, ‘even a simple relationship between people based on arbitrary reasons like sharing a birthday or being randomly assigned to a group) is enough to increase feelings of warmth and motivation.‘ You can imagine how much more motivated your clients would be to use daily flow triggers knowing that other group members are doing so too.

Mutual Support 

While it is a core part of your job as a coach to support your clients, the members of a coaching group automatically and drastically firm up the support each client enjoys. During group sessions, members can share their experiences, discuss obstacles, and collaborate on finding solutions. If you allow for open forums and encourage active participation, members will thrive while supporting each other.

Cost Savings

When offering group coaching, you are in a position to reduce the cost for individual clients. As a result, anyone who may not have the funds for long-term one-on-one coaching can hire you as their coach, receive invaluable coaching materials, and reap all the benefits.

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The Benefits of Group Flow State Coaching for Clients – the Takeaways

To recap, adding group coaching to your offerings makes sense in every way not only for you but especially for your clients. Here is a quick recap of the benefits:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Increased Flow Through Unity
  • Mutual Support Among Group Members
  • Affordable Coaching
  • Enhance Learning

If you’d like to incorporate group coaching into your offerings but are not sure how, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to assist.  There are plenty of coaching tools available within the FlowCode coaching system that will allow you to create the kind of multilayered offering to suit your existing coaching business. 

Written by Anita Alig