The Value of a FlowCode Mentor

What is the role of a mentor? The role of a mentor is to: Help build your self-reliance and leadership skills. Help you discover your own insights, abilities and solutions as you start and grow your business. Support your self-directed learning and help you come to your own conclusions and decisions.

As Flow Code Mentors we also:

  • Listen to your ideas and answer your questions truthfully
  • Give emotional support while also challenging you
  • Provide real world business and personal advice when requested/appropriate
  • Celebrate milestones and successes

Being given the “answers” can make your life easier, but that isn’t the primary type of support a mentor provides. Your mentor will enable you and provide opportunities for you to learn how to solve problems and make decisions, ultimately helping you to help yourself.

Flow Code Mentors are an essential ingredient for the success of your Flow Code business. They can help you learn how to navigate many of the challenges typically faced by entrepreneurs, such as:

  • conceiving a viable business model that creates both social and financial value
  • measuring and evidencing social impact
  • creating a successful Flow Code structure, whether integrating into your current work model or beginning a brand – new business
  • processes
  • attracting clients
  • organizational structure

Schedule your 15 minute call to see if we are the right fit for you by sending an email to OR Register for your Mentoring Package Here

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