New paradigm -Transcend your present reality with the Flow State training

The FlowCode concept as a tool to enhance therapeutic work and explaining the flow state science.

Would you like to transcend your fear, lack of confidence, or frustration? Would you like to get unstuck? Would you like to feel gratitude, presence, and awe at the beauty of life? Let me tell you how a FlowCode trained coach and flow state training can help you get there.

As a therapist and coach my primary goal is to help clients get to the root causes of their suffering, observe what is blocking them and help them unleash their full potential. My work is informed by Transpersonal Psychology, which helps clients become the best versions of themselves and find a transcendental view on life to live accordingly.

Transpersonal Psychology integrates the wisdom of Eastern cultures and millenary wellness techniques with modern Western Psychology and advances in Science. The FlowCode is found in the interception of ancient wisdom and contemporary therapeutic knowledge. The Flow State training helps clients biohack their mind to achieve their goals while living in the sweet spot in any given situation, the flow state.

The science behind the Flow State training

The FlowCode’s cornerstone is deep base cognitive reframing starting with interventions that lead to transient hypofrontality, i.e – a decrease in prefrontal cortex activity, thus, resulting in more cognitive control, enhanced attention, impulse inhibition, better memory, and cognitive flexibility. Added to this, the Flow State training aims at creating or/and strengthening different personality mindsets that are conducive to the flow. These are conveyed through simple routines and rituals that are easy to follow and are based on the latest neuroscientific research.

The FlowCode’s Transpersonal Mindset

One of the many aspects of the FlowCode that I really cherish due to my background is its capacity to help clients get a Transpersonal Mindset. Our mindsets are our frames of thought. The mental place from where we operate is going to determine the quality of life we have. Take for example a person with a Growth Mindset, he or she is going to feel curious about a task and they will try time and time again until they become savvy at it. The beauty of having a Transpersonal Mindset is the joy and expansion it brings about in our lives. The FlowCode teaches us that we are a part of humanity, part of a universe that becomes conscious through us. We are its product and a part of its consciousness. This mindset opens up our eyes to the realization that life happens for us and through us.

More Mindsets fostered by the FlowCode:

  • Observer Mindset: this helps the client become the observer of his/her own experience and to become aware of their inner experience.
  • Awe mindset: this assists the client into feeling fascinated by his/her mere existence and life and to not take life for granted.
  • Creator Mindset: what we think and believe will influence what we create. It makes us accountable for our choices and aware of our infinite potential to change our lives for the better.
  • Playful Mindset: when one is playful, one is instantly integrated with one’s own self and with the activity. I usually pave the way for this mindset with clients by asking a simple question “how can you play with this?”
  • Growth Mindset: this helps people understand that our lives are an opportunity to grow. When we approach our existence with curiosity and a thirst for learning, we expand and evolve.
  • Gratitude Mindset: this is more than feeling thankful for something; this puts a situation into perspective. Canceling the effect of taking things for granted, the feeling of appreciation could be experienced instantly.
  • Mindset is an integral part of our wellbeing because it sets the tone for everything we undertake in life. Adopting the right mindset has the capacity to change our lives.

The FlowCode’s aim at fulfillment, aspiration and impact

In a state of Flow State coaching we move in the direction of our dreams effortlessly and confidently. We are so involved in what we are doing that time and space seem to dissolve. We are so mindful that we engage in our tasks from a place of observation and response and not working on autopilot and in a reactive mode. We feel one with the whole. We are part of the canva that creates our reality. The sense of fulfillment that a state of flow brings about is so unprecedented that we feel joyous beyond measure. We attain so much clarity that we understand that what is best for us must impact the world for the better as well.

Key to working with a trained FlowCode coach is moving from a contracted sense of self to an expanded one. It is a shift from the stressful world of worry, anxiety, and self-consciousness into an expansive state where we value our innermost needs, relationships and contributing to the greater good.  

Leading a meaningful life is an inside job. Life is too amazing not to honor it. What are you ready to do to make the shift from living in the trance of doing to living life on your own terms?

Written by Georgina Hudson

Georgina holds a M. Sc in Education. She’s a Transformational, Life and Strategic Intervention Coach. Her therapy is infused by her training in Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology and her specializations in Mindfulness, NLP, Neuroscience and Flow states. Georgina builds a trusting client-coach alliance to help her clients get the clarity to see the root causes of their challenges, enhance their inner strengths and adopt empowering beliefs to unleash their full potential. She has helped clients from all over the world for 24 years.

Georgina Hudson, M. Sc