Why become a FlowCode Coach, and who is the Flow State Coaching Program for?

After you read this, you will have no reason not to :).

In brief, the FlowCode coach course/program offers a revolutionary approach to flow state training for diverse clients & groups into a heightened experience of flow. 

You will:

  • Attract more clients with a completely new flow state coaching concept that addresses the flow state from a unique angle.
  • Solve clients’ ever more present stress-related problems, mental disorders, burnout syndrome, anxiety, and depression – help them reach the state of flow and turn it from a state to a trait – from then on, everything will just flow.
  • Lead coaching sessions with ease with practical, easy-to-use FlowHub programs & triggers, your effective & user-oriented flow coaching tool.
  • Get a complete turnkey solution, complete step-by-step support, start in a matter of weeks.

FlowCode is a ready-to-use flow state coaching program that you can quickly implement in your coaching practice, wherever you currently are.

We’ve got you covered, head to toe!

Within the FlowCode system, we give you the science and philosophy of flow. Besides that, we equip you with flow-inducing techniques (breathwork, meditations, movement modalities, audio, visual, cognitive triggers, rituals, etc.). But what’s even more vital for you, the business side: the coaching tips, manuals, webinar/workshop presentations, marketing materials, possible coaching offers, and supporting materials, good practices. 

And last but not least, we offer you support and access to a vibrant international community of coaches so we can flow and progress together!

Whether already an established coach, somebody just beginning, or considering starting coaching, we are here for you wherever you are in your career. At any stage, you need tools; you need content, fresh materials, marketing, videos, offers, and why waste your time with this if we can enable this for you and grow based on the feedback from our community. 

In such a way, you can focus on what you do best and are most passionate about your coaching and bringing flow to the world.

To save time, work smarter and not harder and live your mission. We hope the FlowCode can be a part of that.

flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training

So to summarize:

The FlowCode Coach Program is right for you if:

  • You are a professional coach looking for new knowledge and techniques for flow state coaching but, most of all, useful ready-made online tools to use with your clients in online or on-site coaching sessions.
  • You are just starting to build your career as a coach, and you are looking for a turn-key solution that will help you create unique coaching practice and the how-tos on launching and growing your career.
  • You are looking for a fresh, contemporary approach & certification that will give your coaching career a boost; more credibility, marketing exposure, and an opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Nowadays, there are many different types and styles of coaching, but we are all trying to improve our clients’ wellbeing, bring them to their best, help them overcome their obstacles, and crack their code to greatness. And reaching the state of flow and turning it from a state to a trait, living a flow lifestyle is the most solid basis for all this in the long run. 

So join us, help your clients towards the flow, whether you are:

  • a transformational coach, wellbeing consultant, biohacker, stress release facilitator, meditation coach, life coach, holistic health facilitator, and more and looking for new approaches/techniques, knowledge, as well as materials to implement in your practice.
  • a performance, empowerment, NLP coach or mental trainer working with entrepreneurs or corporations and end-users and looking for modern online tools, materials, and new techniques for your clients’ mental fitness regimens.

flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training
FlowCode Book a call flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training
FlowCode - watch demo flow state coaching / flow state training
flow state coaching / flow state training



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