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Hi, I’m Rick Sessinghaus, PGA coach and coach for Collin Morikawa.

Direction is affected by the path of the club. Have you ever hit a shot and then you look down and you see the divot way over to the left?

Probably wasn’t a very good shot. Well, that divot can help us understand what the path of the club was doing through impact. Most of you out there do come out to in, and that ball tends to now curve away from that.

So let’s work on just some basic understanding of the path. Even though this is the line I want to go down, most of you need to feel as if the club is going to the right again.

Most of us come out to in and come across it. We need to have the concept of swinging down the other way. Just start with some short shots first.

We want the ball to start to the right instead and your divot should also go to the right. We need to have a better understanding of how the hands and the arms control the path. Start with the small shots and work your way up.

Again, use visualization for it all as a part of your regular golf mental game preparation. We’re going to do full swings. So I’m going to visualize my club going out in that direction. So my path is more in to out.

Where the ball goes is pushed out to that direction. So the path is going to affect a lot of your direction, along with the club face that’s going to then create some of the curve. So start with some small stuff.

First of, understanding what is your divot pattern right now. Set up a little workstation of your starting point, but also how your path would be exaggerated in the opposite direction. I think what you’re going to notice is that your arms are going to be in different positions.

Your body’s going to feel in a different position. Work with small shots. Work your way up. And then you just start to see less curve on the ball and better ball striking.

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