flowcoach modules

Upgrade your Flow coaching knowledge with specialized target modules that enable you to work on a higher level within your field.

Flow modules are designed as a specific addon modules that further adapts the principles of FlowCode® with flow triggers & programs to specific situations and target groups.


Whether you are a sport coach, teacher, personal trainer or corporate educator, you are able to seamlessly enrich your offer with flow modules adapted to different situations supported by flow triggers, programs, complete presentation materials & marketing support.

Based on breathing, kinesiology, flow state & years of research, the cutting edge flow system for sport includes a science based implementation of flow state
to efficiently balance sport training & performance into the optimal state.

Flow group fitness modules include a number of most efficient elements that combine into the most relaxing & mindful flow of uplifting music, simple to follow flow triggering
exercises & rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the blissful state of body and mind.  Become a trend setter, attract more clients, be on the flow!
Flow group fitness modules provide a turn-key system with unprecedented support and career progression options.

Start with Flow Corporate module and learn how to deliver flow lectures and organize the Flow company program.
A comprehensive program will teach you how to lead on ground lectures & workshops as well as complete daily integration into the company structure.
You will be able to offer companies a complete flow & wellbeing solution by implementing individual and group flow interventions.

Flow state has proven over and over again through research and practice that it has a great potential to facilitate faster learning and gain more focus while studying.
Flow concept for schools is encouraged to be practiced by teachers in kindergarten as well as schools and students at university as a part of the standard curicullum.

Notice: FlowCode® Coach Modules are available as extended education of the basic FlowCode® Coach course. If you have already gone through the course, you are able to pick additional modules separatelly. If you are new to the FlowCode®, then we welcome you take advantage of special packages, that include both the specific module & basic FlowCode® Coach course education.


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