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Join our CEO Ne┼ża Karba and our FlowCode Education Expert Leona Wallace for a quick demo of the FlowCode Coach Course and System.

In just 30 minutes, you will see how it can help you turn your coaching practice into a successful business!

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Flow coach education - Best flow state training & flow state coaching practices with FlowCode Coaching Academy


US 439 $ + $14.95 monthly academy membership
  • Set up fee
  • Monthly academy membership
  • ICF credential renewal (100 hours in Resource development)


US 996 $ 1 Single payment
  • Premium package
  • Lifetime academy membership included
  • ICF credential renewal (100 hours in Resource development)


We are answering here the most common questions we get about the Full Coach Package. If your question is not in this list, don't hesitate to write to us at support@theflowcode.com

It depends on your previous knowledge, experience, speed of learning, etc. However, the average learning process takes approximately between 3 – 6 weeks.

  1. PICK UP YOUR REGISTRATION OPTION: You start by picking up a suitable package. For details, click HERE.
  2. YOUR STUDY BEGINS: After your registration, you get access to your FlowHubPro = your backoffice, where you study FlowCode, have access to the theory and the practical part (FlowHub7), online test, and storage of all the marketing materials and tools. 
  3. MEETING WITH A FLOWCODE MENTOR: Shortly, you get contacted by our FlowCode Mentor, who gives you additional guidelines and support. 
  4. ONLINE EXAM: When you are ready (after approximately 3-6 weeks), you do the online exam followed by a verification meeting with your FlowCode Mentor.
  5. YOU ARE CERTIFIED: You get your certificate, and you officially become a part of our FlowCode global family.

The FlowCode Coach Program is an online course allowing you to follow it at your own time and pace with the help of innovative coaching tools & the support of a worldwide coaching community.

When you register, you get access to your FlowHubPro account that includes: a studying platform, including the theoretical part, the coaching method, FlowCode triggers & programs, marketing & promotion, online exam, mentoring & support.

The self-study process is supported by individual meetings with a FlowCode Mentor, FlowCode HQ, and FlowCode Coach international community. 

No previous certification is required. 

The sky is your limit; you can easily lead one-on-one and group coaching sessions, membership coaching, challenges, quests, programs, workshops & webinars, online and on-site retreats, etc. 

You can choose ready-made sessions, handpick or create your own flow programs. A lot of coaches simply implement the individual FlowCode elements in their existing coaching routine.

Two options are available, payment in installments or one-time payment. More info HERE.  

Also, but not just these three areas. FlowCode is about general well-being, mental health, peak performance, living one’s full potential; therefore, it fits nicely into wellness environments facing ever more present problems of absenteeism and presenteeism. You can do FlowCode workshops there as well as FlowCode sessions; it can be nicely intertwined with your other services and do all sorts of cross-sells.

You can create FlowCode workshops in all sorts of places: from hospitals to schools, associations, and alike, in all aspects of mental health, stress reduction, general well-being, and performance-related groups. Everybody needs flow, and the way we present it in the FlowCode, our scientific foundation, is all about training the conditions for flow and creating the proper mindset for flow to flourish.

Coaches that successfully implemented FlowCode elements into their daily online and on-site private practice come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They are performance coaches, NLP, transformational coaches, wellness experts, emotional coaches, life coaches, breathwork facilitators, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, relationship therapists, and so much more.

It depends on the country, how your business is organized, what your coaching includes, who your clients are etc. However, the one-on-one coaching prices would vary from 20 to 100 USD per session.

Yes, we do.

Feel free to check some of the FlowCode triggers (breathwork techniques, movements, meditations, rituals, lessons, and also NirvanaFitness triggers).

You can also download our Ebook, “Crush Your Coaching Challenges”. In this free Ebook, we share proven & actionable advice you can start implementing today to simplify and grow your coaching practice with the help of FlowHub 7 portal you get access to with this course.

Just to put it briefly, with the FlowCode project, we created a roadmap of channels, interventions, and triggers leading to and sustaining the state of flow. Our techniques vary from breathwork to meditations, cognitive triggers, audio and visual triggers, movement modalities, rituals, etc. In other words, we are providing very concrete techniques and methods helping us hack the flow state, train the conditions for flow, and create an optimal setup for flow to happen.

The FlowCode Coach Course may be used for ICF (International Coaching Federation) credential renewal (100 hours in Resource development).

See what our Coaches say about FlowCode

The Flow Global Initiative and the FlowCode Coaching Academy are uniting coaches from all over the world, giving them the framework to include flow coaching in their practice and build their coaching careers.

Check what some of them are saying about implementing the FlowCode framework and adding FlowCode coaching tools & techniques to their practice.

We hope this inspires you to join one of our courses and become a FlowCode Academy member yourself.

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"This is the most incredible platform that I have seen so far."

“All of these amazing tools and techniques in one portal, in one place that I could take all of that and integrate into my private practice. I’m so grateful for this because for years I’ve been looking for a platform that I can incorporate into my private business.”

Leona Wallace, FlowCode Education Expert

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"By making use of the FlowHub7 portal, I was much better able to create a course."

“The FlowHub is incredible. And more importantly, by making use of the FlowHub7 portal, I was then much better able to create a course. Had I not had the FlowHub, had I not become a coach in fact, it would have taken me a lot longer and it wouldn’t have been of the same quality.”

David Florence, FlowCode Ambassador

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"It is so simple, effective and enjoyable too."

“I enjoy the science behind FlowCode and also the broad variety of different triggers to get to flow state. It is so simple, effective and enjoyable too. All I need to do is just one trigger based on one breathing technique and I’m just back on track.”┬á

Meera Nair, FlowCode Education Expert

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"It's an amazing roadmap to our neurobiology."

“It’s an amazing roadmap to our neurobiology. To make shifts and changes simply for ourselves that allow us an optimal state of mind.”┬á

Monica Evert, FlowCode Ambassador

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