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The power of FlowCode in my coaching programs

Building a successful coaching program with the power of Flowcode as my support system is very important.The Flowcode system is amazing and I was super excited when I first became a certified Flowcode coach.

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3 Crucial ingredients of Flow state personality: Growth Mindset, Optimism & Connection

According to Psychology and Neuroscience, the flow personality displays the following traits: Growth Mindset: in life there will always be challenges, a flow personality will fall and rise feeling invigorated by the new learnings.
Optimism: being able to experience flow provides a flow personality with enormous joy, faith, mental and emotional balance.
Connection with our true needs and desires: a flow personality will learn to listen to the wisdom that lies inside them.

Flow state training & flow state coaching with FlowCode Coaching Academy

Leverage your certification within the flow state coaching business?

The faster the world and its deadlines the more people are turning toward mindfulness practices and wellness coaches to find balance. Whether you already have a coaching practice (like I do) or are looking to step into this field of expertise, FlowCode offers a unique and multi-layered flow state system to support your clients and your ability to serve more professionally and holistically.

FlowCode - Flow state training

Define Your Training Niche – A Step-by-Step Guide

As more and more coaches enter the market to serve a growing clientele, narrowing down your niche is a good way to increase sales and build a solid coaching business. Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to define your coaching niche.

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Each year people make resolutions like quit smoking, lose weight, create a habit to wake up early, make more money, start a business, exercise, take up a course….and many more. Sadly, most give up within the next few days and get back to where they started. This is because of a lack of clarity on how to achieve it. Every resolution or a goal must have a supporting plan of action.

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The Benefits of Group Flow State Coaching for Your Clients

Regardless of whether you are an experienced coach or only starting out, offering group coaching sessions makes a lot of sense. Not only do you spend less time helping more clients, but you also scale your coaching business without having to work 24/7. Most of you care deeply about your client experience and in this context, I’d like to discuss the benefits of group coaching for clients. You will soon discover, they are plentiful.

Flow state training / Why add FLOW in your coaching?

At the Flow Global Initiative, we see & teach the flow as the center of human striving, the optimal state we can be in, the foundation for inner peace, happiness, transcendence, and self-mastery, the basis for all further actions, improvements, or any other actions type of transformation. Learn more about why you should add this to your coaching!

The art of managing stress and anxiety with flow state coaching

Our FlowCode Expert Dave Florence is doing a FlowCode Crash Course about the Art Of Managing Stress & Anxiety. Obviously it is one of the most discussed topics of modern time and quickly it becomes a cliché but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Quite the contrary. So this inspired us to write about this topic in further detail.

Miracles of water / Hydrate / Flow state training

Being a little low on water is a bigger deal than most people think. Research proves that even a 2% deficit can affect our mental and physical well-being.

It’s Not Just “Water In, Water Out”. It seems like it should be pretty basic, drink when you’re thirsty; pee when you have to go. You’re good. Right? Not quite.

Flow state training / FlowCode

Breathwork – Weightloss magic wand / Flow state training

We all need to breathe, so breathing is intricately woven into our every metabolic pathway. This article is aimed at clarifying connection between breathing and weight management. It does not just explain fat loss, but also takes into equation our appetite, amount of food intake, calories burnt during activities and how our body & mind as a whole reacts to all this factors …

The human touch / Flow state coaching

For thousands of years, humans only communicated in person, but in just the past few years we have started also communicating online. But human socialization is very important for mental and emotional health. Learn how the flow state and social flow alignment are a much needed factor to improve our overall quality of life.

Flow state training / Boost your immune system with flow

It’s been more than a year that the world is living a global pandemic, and the stress that this causes can deeply affect our immune system. Taking away the negativity with Flow is the key to boosting our immune system and resisting this virus.




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